Useful guides, reports and best practices for improving resilience.


A survey report based on data from 2,000 companies on their worst crises, with five key takeaways.
A document detailing the Government’s plan for the UK to recover from COVID-19, presented as a society wide plan, with some plans specific to business.
A guide from the NHS written in 2009 with information on how businesses can control the spread of a pandemic in the workplace.
10 ideas providing practical solutions for local authorities to help build economic resilience through COVID-19 recovery.
Information from TFL for businesses on plans to re-open London with advice for businesses returning to work in the longer term.
This document describes the Government’s strategic approach for responding to an influenza pandemic, as set out in 2011.
A short guide aimed at all employers and self-employed about workplace protection measures.

Pandemic, Cyber Resilience

A guide on how to make sure your organisation is prepared for increased home working with advice on spotting COVID-19 related scam emails.

Best Practices / Case Studies, Pandemic

With the arrival of Covid-19 we are facing unprecedented challenges to our economic prosperity and societal wellbeing. This guide offers some solutions to the challenges of the pandemic and other major shocks.

Pandemic, Best Practices / Case Studies

An online resource with five practical actions for businesses to work safely during COVID-19.


A programme pioneered by Mastercard to create a new model of public-private partnerships.
A programme by the World Bank Group that seeks to assist city governments to build greater resilience to climate and disaster risks.
A summary of work undertaken in Fitzrovia (London) on business community resilience.

Risk Assessments

A review of the changing business and organisational risk landscape and what to do.
A document detailing all risks considered relevant to London.
A comprehensive review of the risks faced at the national level, what is being done to mitigate them, and where further information can be found.
A guide highlighting the changing nature of risk and advice on managing changes to the risk landscape.
An examination of the challenges to the business sector for Brexit.

Climate Change, Risk Assessments

A guide to understanding your organisation's climate resilience with key points to address.