Useful guides, reports and best practices for improving resilience.

Risk Assessments

A guide highlighting the changing nature of risk and advice on managing changes to the risk landscape.
A comprehensive review of the risks faced at the national level, what is being done to mitigate them, and where further information can be found.

Risk Reduction

Organisational advice on how to prepare for a marauding terrorist attack.
A scorecard to help monitoring and evaluating progress in implementing the Sendai Framework and enabling local disaster risk reduction strategies.
A white paper explaining why traditional approaches to managing emergencies and business disruptions are outdated and offering a new holistic approach to Critical Event Management.
An extensive document detailing the findings of national flood resilience review and the actions being taken nationwide to improve flood resilience.
Practical flood plan guidance for communities and groups.
A guidance document to help you manage the risk of employee’s behaviour damaging your business.
A guide to improving the resilience of critical infrastructure and essential services.
An examination of the implications of leaving the EU on UK border management.
A report aimed at helping companies avoid corporate catastrophe by using lesson learned from those that are creating resilient organisations.
A public advice film on the steps one can take to keep safe in the rare event of a firearms of weapons attack with a view to helping you consider your own emergency plan.
An e-learning, counter-terrorism resource for all UK-based companies and organisations.
A guidance document to support planning at all levels of society when facing a possible influenza pandemic.
A plan reflecting the roles and responsibilities of Public Health England during an influenza pandemic.
Seven, internationally agreed global targets for disaster risk reduction and four priorities for action at Global, Regional, National and Local levels.
An extensive guidance document on security and safety in crowded places with sector specification.


Guidance on organizational resilience
Security and resilience. Organizational resilience. Principles and attributes
Societal Security – Business continuity management systems – Requirements