Useful guides, reports and best practices for improving resilience.

Community Resilience

Guidance on how networks and individuals can support the emergency planning, response and recovery, and keep systems and services running.
An examination of case studies to show how social capital serves as a critical part of resilience.
A manifesto for Resilience First, an initiative to strengthen resilience in urban areas.
A guide of key steps to producing a community emergency plan
A framework exploring the role and resilience of individuals and communities before, during and after an emergency.
A report produced by London First with support from community partners on how to improve resilience in local (micro-) city communities.

Cyber Resilience

Help for Board members to get to grips with cyber security.
A guide from Pool Re and MWR on how to protect your business from cyber risks.
Part of a larger guidance publication on implementing the EU Directive on the security of Network and Information Systems.
A look at, and help with, cyber security and resilience of small businesses.
An NCSC guide with advice for small businesses on protecting themselves from the most common cyber-attacks.
Guidance on how organisations can protect themselves in cyberspace, including the 10 steps to cyber security.
An easy to follow guide with tips on protecting yourself and your company against cyber-attacks.


A programme by the World Bank Group that seeks to assist city governments to build greater resilience to climate and disaster risks.
A summary of work undertaken in Fitzrovia (London) on business community resilience.
A programme pioneered by Mastercard to create a new model of public-private partnerships.

Risk Assessments

An examination of the challenges to the business sector for Brexit.
A guide highlighting the changing nature of risk and advice on managing changes to the risk landscape.
A comprehensive review of the risks faced at the national level, what is being done to mitigate them, and where further information can be found.