Useful guides, reports and best practices for improving resilience.

Best Practices / Case Studies

A review of the voluntary sector contribution in response to the Grenfell Tower fire, with key lessons to be learned.
Deloitte has issued a new report to help financial-sector organisations strengthen their operational resilience.
A report highlighting the benefits of considering resilience in the urban environment with case studies and methodological approaches to support.
Steps to think about why and how you can help your community be prepared.
A report on key contributors and barriers to workplace resilience, highlighting benefits of a resilience intervention.
A report informed by a workshop discussing the impact of Storm Desmond 2015.
An interim government report with suggested focus areas on reviewing the power disruption in GB on the 9 August 2019.
A review of 100 crises over the past 20 years, highlighting patterns that have emerged and their effects on businesses within a three-month window after the crisis becomes publicly known.
A study of airports and their business partners to identify best practice and areas for improvement in resilience, especially agility.
An examination of 100 profit warnings in a 12-month period and the effects on company value.
A 20-step, best-practice guide for effective risk management.

Community Resilience

A framework exploring the role and resilience of individuals and communities before, during and after an emergency.
A report produced by London First with support from community partners on how to improve resilience in local (micro-) city communities.
A paper on how access to lifeline resources in times of emergency will drive resilience.
An in-depth breakdown of the lifecycle of a coalition from establishing to evaluating
A report asking what makes communities go beyond bouncing back to thrive in the face of long-term challenges.
A study aiming to understand the role between small businesses and community resilience in rural areas.
Guidance on how networks and individuals can support the emergency planning, response and recovery, and keep systems and services running.
A manifesto for Resilience First, an initiative to strengthen resilience in urban areas.
An examination of case studies to show how social capital serves as a critical part of resilience.