Useful guides, reports and best practices for improving resilience.

Best Practices / Case Studies

A report by the new Counter Terrorism Preparedness Network that examines the ways in which strategic co-ordination can be developed in cities and communities.
A guide for business when preparing for, and recovering from, major incidents.
An interim government report with suggested focus areas on reviewing the power disruption in GB on the 9 August 2019.
An aide-memoire that helps make you and your business community safer, more secure and more resilient to a range of disruptions and challenges. 
A guide on what to do when the 'Critical' threat level is declared.
A report highlighting risk and opportunity associated with climate change for businesses.
A short guide explaining why all small businesses should think of insuring themselves against property damage and business interruption as result of a terrorist attack.
A report informed by a workshop discussing the impact of Storm Desmond 2015.
A review of the voluntary sector contribution in response to the Grenfell Tower fire, with key lessons to be learned.
A 20-step, best-practice guide for effective risk management.
Steps to think about why and how you can help your community be prepared.
A report on key contributors and barriers to workplace resilience, highlighting benefits of a resilience intervention.
Findings from a 12 city assessment with a framework for measuring the resilience of cities against a broad spectrum of shocks and stresses.
A toolkit prepared by Facebook to help small businesses prepare before disaster strikes.
A review of 100 crises over the past 20 years, highlighting patterns that have emerged and their effects on businesses within a three-month window after the crisis becomes publicly known.
An examination of 100 profit warnings in a 12-month period and the effects on company value.
A report highlighting the benefits of considering resilience in the urban environment with case studies and methodological approaches to support.
A report highlighting how businesses are thinking creatively about their roles in disaster resilience, response and recovery with insight from business leaders.

Best Practices / Case Studies, Pandemic

With the arrival of Covid-19 we are facing unprecedented challenges to our economic prosperity and societal wellbeing. This guide offers some solutions to the challenges of the pandemic and other major shocks.

Climate Change, Best Practices / Case Studies