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Russian/Ukraine conflict

4 Lessons from the Russian/Ukraine conflict

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The resilience of business, large and small, has been severely tested in recent years. The COVID pandemic – not away yet – with the fallout from the disruption to global supply chains and the more recent Chinese lockdowns. And then - when we hoped to see some recovery from COVID – the conflict in Ukraine, creating energy hikes not seen since the 1970’s and even more disruption to global markets, particularly for food commodities. Resilience First was privileged recently to have NATO’s former Deputy Assistant Secretary General, Dr Jamie Shea, speak at one of our regular Leader’s Forums. He gave us his perspectives on the NATO approach to the Russia/Ukraine conflict and shared with us the four key lessons we are learning from it.
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Resilience First joins ICSI Board of Directors

Resilience First joins ICSI's Board of Directors

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Resilience First is delighted to join the ICSI’s Board of Directors, with Tom Lewis as its representative. ICSI is an engineering-led coalition with the aim to make resilience and sustainability a cornerstone of every decision in the infrastructure lifecycle of every community around the globe. Resilience First and ICSI have been working together to speed up the implementation of sustainable and resilient infrastructure.
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Resilience First Annual Debate: ‘This house believes that real climate resilience action needs more regulation of business for it to be effective.'

Webinar: Thursday, 15 September 2022, 4:00pm to 5:00pm BST
Resilience First will be hosting its latest annual debate on-line in September. This year the subject for debate is: ‘This house believes that real climate resilience action needs more regulation of business for it to be effective.’ The IPCC’s latest reports present a stark warning that governments and business cannot ignore if we are to keep rising temperatures to 1.50C and try to manage the serious impacts from climate change that will test the resilience of all.