A public advice film on the steps one can take to keep safe in the rare event of a firearms of weapons attack with a view to helping you consider your own emergency plan.

Key Points:

  • Run:
    • If there is a safe route, run.
    • Insist others go with you.
    • Don’t let the indecision of others slow you down.
    • Leave your belongings behind.
    • If you can’t run, hide.
  • Hide:
    • Find cover from gunfire – substantial brickwork/reinforced walls.
    • Lock the door and barricade yourself in – try to avoid dead ends.
    • Move away from the door.
    • Be very quiet and switch your phone to silent.
  • Tell:
    • Dial 999 only when you are safe.
    • Give your location.
    • Give the direction the attacker is moving in.
    • Give as much information as you can.
    • Consider whether you can safely stop others from entering the area.
  • When armed response units arrive, they may be dressed differently to normal police and will be firm as their main priority is to deal with the immediate threat, do exactly as they say.