A report highlighting how businesses are thinking creatively about their roles in disaster resilience, response and recovery with insight from business leaders.

Key Points:

  • Preparedness:
    • Disaster preparedness is central to business survival in the event of a major disruption.
  • Public-Private Partnership:
    • Public-private partnerships can endow smaller businesses with a larger network of available resources that can be accessed in the event of a disaster.
    • Public-private partnerships provide a viable avenue through which businesses can participate in disaster response and help affected communities.
  • Logistics:
    • Logistics businesses can play a vital role in disaster response through supporting disaster response agencies with resources, skills and expertise in the logistics field.
  • Food:
    • Food producers and retailers have a key role play in disaster response and recovery.
    • Procurement specialists can help to understand the food and dietary requirements of disaster struck communities and work to meet demand.
  • Information Technology:
    • The information technology industry has a large role to play in disaster response through providing expertise in communications technology, critical information management, data storage and training at risk communities in early-warning systems' technologies.
  • Insurance:
    • Insurance companies can make their claims processes straightforward and accessible so that those affected by disaster can gain access to vital funds and insurances when it is most needed.
  • Infrastructure:
    • Engineering industries have a valuable role to play in monitoring the impact of disasters and feeding this knowledge back into future planning standards and best practice.
  • Debris Removal:
    • Construction and demolition companies that maintain access to heavy machinery and those that can operate them can play a pivotal role in helping search and rescue teams and disaster relief agencies. Furthermore, they can train communities in how to maintain and operate on site machinery.