Membership of Resilience First will enable the enhancement of your organisation’s resilience through access to the latest resilience thinking, shaping of future frameworks and sharing of best practice with our global network of over 600 corporates.

We welcome small and micro businesses (those employing less than 50 employees) to also join our network and gain access to exclusive online tools and services to enhance their resilience best practice. Please click here for more information.

Resilience enhancements:

  • Understand your business' resilience status through free access to our Resilience Self-Assessment Tool.
  • Join our Race to Resilience Campaign – part of UNFCCC's global-action to build resilient communities.
  • Discover new insights through industry specific webinars and events.
  • Participate in 30-minutes' weekly think-in calls Leadership with our Advisory Board members and Champions’ senior executives, to hear latest organisational resilience and sustainability concerns and thinking. 
  • Equip and educate your boards on the latest operational resilience best practice.
  • Explore latest resilience thinking through our latest publications.
  • Receive monthly copies of Resilience First’s newsletter, containing useful business guidelines and news. 
  • Gain exclusive access to our library of resources available through our Knowledge Hub.
  • Keep up to date with latest news items via our expanding website and by linking to our social-media channels on Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Contribute towards our 2022-23 thought-leadership programme, through:
    • New guides and learnings, such as:
      • Climate resilience programme (Ongoing)
      • Operational resilience management series on learnings from the pandemic (Q3 2022-23)

Business development opportunities

  • Promote your products/services and best-practice evidence through our website’s Tools page and Knowledge Hub
  • Explore speaking and hosting opportunities where possible, through our growing programme of events and webinars.
  • Communicate directly with our members through Resilience First’s Member Discussion LinkedIn Group.
  • Contribute articles towards Resilience First’s monthly newsletters.

Membership Benefits