Membership of Resilience First will enable you to access the latest resilience advice and to share best practice with our network of over 600 businesses and organisations.

Members can:

  • Discover new insights through industry specific webinars on impacts of Covid-19 and plans to bounce forward. Please click here for more details.
  • Network, learn and explore hosting opportunities where possible, through our growing programme of events and webinars.
  • Participate in a 30-minute weekly think-in call with our Board members and Champions’ senior executives.
  • Join Resilience First’s Member Discussion LinkedIn Group – to enable members to share knowledge and communicate.
  • Receive weekly member Covid-19 updates with useful business guidelines and latest news. 
  • Obtain copies of Resilience First’s monthly newsletters with detailed information on all matters related to resilience preparedness – Members also have the opportunity to contribute articles to our newsletter.
  • Promote your resilience products and services through our website's Tools section as well as your best-practice evidence through our Knowledge Hub, which contains over 100 generic learnings and guides, including Resilience First’s publications.
  • Contribute and access latest news items via our expanding website and by linking to our social-media channels on Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Share our latest publications:
  • Support risk management and business continuity plans
  • Take advantage of our 2020 thought-leadership programme, through:
    • New guides and learnings, such as NEDs Guide to Risk and Resilience (November 2020)
    • Innovation Days – Looking at tech disruptors to support business resilience post the pandemic:
      • Airports (November 2020)
      • Utilities/Energy (January 2021)
      • Climate change – (COP26 2021)
    • Advanced tools including resilience measurement (late autumn 2020)
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Privileged use of the ARC mobile platform x x
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Discount on co-hosted conferences x x
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