Webinar: 27 January 2021, 11am to 12pm

As travel restrictions and lockdown measures spread across the globe following the rapid increase in Covid-19 infection rates, the hospitality sector virtually came to a standstill with footfall and occupancy rates crashing.  Initial survival plans looked at self-preservation as well as state aid.

However, people will always want to gather together or get away, as evidenced by the positive number of bookings, such as Eat Out to Help Out, museum visits and even trips abroad, once lockdown eased worldwide.

The pandemic has certainly challenged the hospitality to become more agile, productive and innovative in order to meet the new demands of their customers and re-build market confidence.

Through this session, we look forward to hearing about the lessons learnt, the role of technology and new policies put in place in order to reinforce the sector’s resiliency.

Chair and scene setting:

Jean Devlin, Partner, Control Risks

Opening statements and panel discussion:

Kate Nicholls, CEO, UK Hospitality

Darren Carter, Head of Security, Edwardian Hotels London and Chair, Institute of Hotel Security Management

Paul Williams, Security Operations Manager, The O2


In partnership with Edwardian Hotels London