Webinar: 17 June 2020 3pm to 4pm

With the coronavirus pandemic creating global strains on the world’s growing reliance on, and need of, the internet to stay connected with work, families and friends, whilst at the same time cyber criminals preying on our fears, we look forward to hearing from experts on:

  1. How the tech sector is coping with this surge in demand?
  2. What new forms of rules and regulations will evolve and need to be implemented?
  3. What new innovative products as well as ‘new’ normal ways of behaviour and working habits will be driven by tech and emerge post the pandemic?  


Adrian Criddle, General Manager and Vice President, Intel UK

Andrew Glover, Chair, Internet Services Providers' Association (ISPA UK) 

Cath Goulding, Chief Information Security Officer, Nominet UK


Kevin Duffey, Managing Director, CyberRescue