Resilience First was yet again proud to be involved with COP27, through our consortium partner Resilience Rising, bringing together our business members to explore the role that they can play in driving climate resilience through building resilient cities, sharing best practice and partnership of Race to Resilience to accelerate climate action.

The 27th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP27), took place in November 2022 in Sharm El-Sheikh, convening leaders from across the world to focus on the impacts of climate change and accelerate actions required to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement of 2015.

At COP27, in addition to reducing emissions and boosting further commitments, there was a strong emphasis on how to obtain climate financing from wealthy nations and distribute it to developing countries in order to increase access to clean energy, afford climate adaptation, and compensate them for climate disaster losses.  There was also a great effort to showcase deployment of resilience best practice.  

Read our learnings from COP27, and the previous COP26 in Glasgow.

As part of Resilience First’s climate resilience programme:

  • We were honoured to collaborate (through a selection of our Champion members), with some of the UNFCCC’s IPCC co-authors and city leaders (through the Global Covenant of Mayors), to launch the IPCC - Summary for Urban Policymakers at COP27, as well as an additional stand-alone report called Action Agenda.

  • We were pleased to showcase our members who have joined the Race to Resilience initiative to accelerate climate resilience at scale, by presenting their business’ best practice and thought capital projects, to encourage adoption, and support of the UNFCCC’s global campaign to build 4 billion resilient people.

  • We continue to work with Arup to standardise climate resilience reporting through CRAFT

Interested in participating in Resilience First’s climate resilience programme?

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