The business community cannot afford to ignore the pressing need for climate action. The Resilience First Race to Resilience campaign will encourage businesses to acknowledge their responsibility to step up, to promote a climate-resilience agenda, and to set an example for the private sector that champions people and planet, alongside profit.

Simon Collins, Chair, Resilience First

Join our Race to Resilience Partner Initiative now and help drive a business-led approach to tackling climate resilience whilst protecting the world's most vulnerable communities.

Climate ResilienceHow your business benefits

Resilience First’s Race to Resilience Campaign, part of the UNFCCC’s initiative to build resilient communities through non-state actors, provides you with an internationally recognised platform through which to advance your business’s climate resilience agenda, comply with regulatory requirements, and deliver on your ESG commitments.

Good stewardship*

As leaders, we want to be the stewards of good companies that are not only well-performing but also socially responsible. When we focus on improving ESG factors, we have an opportunity to simultaneously enhance corporate reputation, employee engagement and customer loyalty.

Doing right and doing well*

Companies that prioritize ESG performance fare better in the stock market. In fact, according to S&P Global Market Intelligence, 14 out of 17 ESG-focused exchange-traded and mutual funds outperformed the S&P 500 from January 2020 to May 2020.

*Source: Why It's Time To Prioritize ESG Initiatives In Your Business ( Feb 21


The Pledges

To join the campaign, members are kindly asked to pledge to at least 4 of the 6 commitments below:

  • Use a Resilience Self-Assessment Tool to measure their resilience and track resilience improvements.
  • Appoint a ‘climate advocate’ and/or ‘resilience advocate’ who will champion resilience and sustainability within your business.
  • Mentor an SME headquartered in the Global South to join the network. 
  • Co-create innovative climate resilient solutions.
  • Proactively share resilience best practice within the Resilience First network through contributions to our Knowledge Hub (library of resources) and Thought Leadership articles via our monthly newsletter. As well as attend at least three webinars/events annually and speak at our events/webinars when invited.
  • Commit to the programme to drive action by 2030.

In addition to the Pledges, members in the network will be asked on an annual basis to share their climate resilience/ESG plans, focusing on the following areas:


The sharing of a specific climate resilience plan for the business and/or community they operate in.


The timeframe for the implementation of the plan.


To share any findings/insights/results from the plan.


The Race to Resilience Comms toolkit

Pledge to join the Race to Resilience and we’ll send you the officially approved comms toolkit to publicise your involvement in this essential campaign and demonstrate your commitment to action on the impacts of climate change.


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How you can join

Please click here for a copy of the pledge form or contact Beena Chester, Director of Business Engagement, for more information at

Please also visit our FAQ section for more information. 


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