The world's largest business-led network driving the evolution of resilient organisations that are able to thrive in an increasingly complex and uncertain world.

Founded in April 2018, Resilience First is a not-for-profit organisation, led and funded by business to strengthen collective business resilience.

Originated by BusinessLDN, the initiative aims to make the difference between success and failure for any business community facing major challenges or severe disruption.

Through thought leadership co-creation and advocacy on better resilience, sharing of best practice, and partnerships, Resilience First will embed resilience into corporate culture.

Drawing on the collective experience and capabilities of our network, it will create a template for resilience that is transferable to any urban area, in any country: a way of operating that is designed to bring about local change.  


In 2022, Resilience First joined the Resilience Rising consortium.

At launch, the Resilience Rising consortium organisations include The Resilience Shift, Resilience First, International Coalition for Sustainable Infrastructure (ICSI), and Navigating a Changing Climate (NavClimate).

Within the consortium, Resilience First will spearhead the role of the business community in leading resilience best practice. Resilience Rising will strengthen Resilience First to significantly enhance its access, reach, remit and delivery to drive resilience on a global, ambitious scale: augmenting its networks and relationships with internationally recognised organisations, growing its programme of engagement, and unlocking innovative tools and solutions to support its members in achieving a dynamic, impactful and proactive approach to resilience.

To build stronger, more resilient businesses delivering a safe, secure and sustainable future for all.

Our mission