Deloitte, 2019

Deloitte has issued a new report to help financial-sector organisations strengthen their operational resilience.

The report identifies five opportunities:

Business Services
Firms and Financial Market Infrastructure (FMI) should adopt a business services view to focus time, effort and resources on what is important to the customer, consumers more generally and the sector as a whole.

Impact categories
Business services should be prioritised by their relative importance against three main categories: financial stability; organisational viability; and customers and other market participants harm.

Impact tolerances
Firms and FMI should express their tolerated threshold for severe but plausible disruption to important business services as well as setting an objective to ensure that threshold is not breached. 

Firms and FMI should thoroughly think about how to manage prompt and meaningful communications during a disruption, including ensuring the necessary capacity to do so, to maintain confidence in the organisation and reduce harm caused.

Scenario testing
Once tolerances for disruption are established, they should be tested against dynamic scenarios to prove they can be met.