A document detailing all risks considered relevant to London.

Key Points:

  • This document is designed to assist communities and businesses develop their own emergency and business continuity arrangements.
  • The London Risk Register summarises the main risk faced by Greater London; localised risk assessments may have been conducted by the local London Borough.
  • The assessment and planning of risk measures is based on reasonable worst-case scenarios.
    • Impact is scored from 1 – Limited, to 5 – Catastrophic. Likelihood is ranked on likelihood of occurrence in the next 5 years.
  • The 6-Stage Risk Assessment Process:
    • Contextualisation; Hazard identification and allocation for assessment; Risk analysis; Risk evaluation; Risk treatment, and; Monitoring and Review.
    • Risk assessments are not static and are subject to constant review.
    • The London Risk Register is updated annually and published in the spring.