London Chamber of Commerce and Industry

A poll on London's resilience to cater for future growth.

Insufficient spending on health care and emergency services is seen as London’s biggest barrier to dealing with and recovering from a crisis, figures from London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) reveal.

LCCI commissioned ComRes to carry out polling of the London public, London businesses and London Councillors in order to assess whether the capital is resilient enough to cater for future growth.

Key Findings:

  • Businesses and the public were much less likely to feel prepared for crisis scenarios than London Councillors. For instance, 55% of Councillors said their borough was prepared for a major data or privacy breach while just 36% of businesses and 20% of the public felt the same.
  • Correspondingly, 46% of Councillors felt their borough was prepared for extensive transport disruption, compared to just 25% of businesses and 31% of the public.
  • Improving London’s ability to respond to future incidents or crises may require a greater degree of operational discretion for City Hall. However, any additional devolved administrative capacity would only be effective if the Mayor also had access to additional financial resource.