City Index

City Resilience Index, 2018. Supported by ARUP and The Rockefeller Foundation

A resource to help explore your city’s resilience.

Key Points:

  • The world is urbanising and crisis is becoming the new normal.
  • Based on five years of research and testing, the City Resilience Index is a tool to help cities respond to challenges systematically.
  • On the website, you can apply to carry out a City Resilience Assessment of your city. This is a web-based tool designed to help collect and analyse data to understand your city’s resilience profile.
  • The City Resilience Index is globally relevant and tested in partnership with many different and varying international cities.
  • Four Dimensions that contribute to resilience:
    • Health and Well-being, Economy and Society, Infrastructure and Environment, and Leadership and Strategy.
    • Twelve goals that cities should strive for underpin the four dimensions, with 52 indicators.
  • The City Resilience Index also provides insight into how cities are becoming more resilient through the City Resilience Index Solutions Hub.