The Changing World of Risk. Airmic (2015). Off the back of the successful ‘Roads to Resilience’ research of February 2014, Airmic released ‘The Changing World of Risk’ in June 2015 to show the changes in the risk landscape between publications.

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A guide highlighting the changing nature of risk and advice on managing changes to the risk landscape.

Key Points:

  • The guide contains three main aims:
    • Changing risk requirements:
      • ‘to provide risk managers with an understanding of the changing governance and risk management expectations of the board and guidance on how to approach the new challenges.’
    • Changing role of risk managers:
      • ‘to support risk managers in understanding the challenges they face in elevating their role from risk manager to risk leader and in moving to an environment with risk leadership expectations.’
    • Changing risk process:
      • ‘to give risk managers recommendations on how best to measure resilience so that they can ensure resilience across all five principles and to provide practical advice on how to improve resilience.’