A report sharing how business can contribute to disaster relief with best practice case studies.

Key Points:

  • Importance of Business Contribution:
    • 98% of businesses agree it is important to contribute to international disaster relief.
    • 91% of NGOs agree it is important for businesses to do so.
  • The Potential Opportunity:
    • 71% of businesses reported their organisations could to more to assist relief efforts.
  • Supporting Market Sustainability:
    • 83% of businesses reported international disaster relief contributes to stable and more sustainable markets.
  • Adding Value:
    • 25% of businesses engaged in relief efforts do so through providing non-financial support.
    • 78% of NGOs said that this is of great value.
  • Preparedness is Key:
    • 61% of businesses reported that they could do more to be better prepared in their response to disasters.
    • 88% of NGOs preferred partnering with businesses around preparedness.
  • Moving Forward:
    • Although businesses are active in disaster response it is based around traditional philanthropic financial donations rather than the integration of core skills, products and services.
    • There is a large opportunity for business, government and the humanitarian sector to work together.
    • The challenge for business is to identify and leverage their unique contribution to disasters, maximising both business and social value.