A report with case studies highlighting how businesses can embrace climate change adaptation strategies.

Key Points:

  • Report Purpose:
    • To inform and inspire companies to anticipate and adapt to climate change while factoring in community vulnerabilities into decision making.
    • To engage policymakers to support business contribution to climate change adaptation for resilience.
    • To encourage civil society organisations to see businesses as key partners in adapting to climate change risks and impacts.  
  • Key Emerging Insights:
    • Business engagement in adaptation is still in its early stages, particularly with regard to mitigation.
    • Companies recognise that their ability to grow cannot be disconnected from community well-being.
    • Companies are experiencing a range of benefits from engaging in actions that increase climate resilience.
    • Climate-change adaptation and resilience-building challenges present new opportunities for partnerships and stakeholder engagement.
    • Governmental leadership on adaptation is of critical importance.
    • Private-sector adaptation efforts will be a crucial complement to public finance and public-sector action.
    • Companies of all sizes are encouraged to determine what adaptation challenges exist for their businesses and integrate adaptation into core strategic business planning.