Action Counters Terrorism. National Counter-terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO, 2018). GOV.UK.

An e-learning, counter-terrorism resource for all UK-based companies and organisations.

Key Points:

  • What is it?
    • ACT awareness e-learning provides nationally recognised corporate counter-terrorism guidance for industry, to help better understand, and mitigate against, current terrorist methodology.
  • What does it include?
    • There are seven modules available:
      • 1 – Introduction to Terrorism.
      • 2 – Identifying Security Vulnerabilities.
      • 3 – How to Identify and Respond to Suspicious Behaviour.
      • 4 – How to Identify and Deal with a Suspicious Item.
      • 5 – What to do in the Event of a Bomb Threat.
      • 6 – How to Respond to a Firearms or Weapons attack.
      • 7 – Summary and Supporting Materials.
  • How to access it?
    • Two access options are available:
      • 1 – URL: You will be provided with your own corporate URL link and PIN to immediately access the online version (suitable for Small to Medium Enterprises)
      • 2 – SCORM: If you intend to deliver the ACT awareness e-learning course using your own learning management system (LMS) then we can supply a SCORM 1.2 compliant file.
    • To register, visit:
  • Does it cost?
    • No, it is a free resource along with all NaCTSO guidance.