Useful guides, reports and best practices for improving resilience.


Results of a survey of business on the challenges over the next two years.
A report highlighting how G20 companies are managing in an interconnected, technologically disrupted and increasingly regulated world.
A survey that points to how you can make your organisation crisis resilient.
A report on organisational resilience highlighting new data and changes between the 2017 and 2018 reports.
A resource to help explore your city’s resilience.
A poll on London's resilience to cater for future growth.
Introduction to the WARM framework and its application within communities with three case studies.
A research report detailing resilience in cities with case studies from a real estate perspective.
A self-help scheme to highlight best practice in designing out crime and improving community engagement.
A joint London First and PwC survey on the state of resilience in business.

Best Practices / Case Studies

Deloitte has issued a new report to help financial-sector organisations strengthen their operational resilience.
A report highlighting the benefits of considering resilience in the urban environment with case studies and methodological approaches to support.
Steps to think about why and how you can help your community be prepared.
A report on key contributors and barriers to workplace resilience, highlighting benefits of a resilience intervention.
A report informed by a workshop discussing the impact of Storm Desmond 2015.
An interim government report with suggested focus areas on reviewing the power disruption in GB on the 9 August 2019.
A review of 100 crises over the past 20 years, highlighting patterns that have emerged and their effects on businesses within a three-month window after the crisis becomes publicly known.
A study of airports and their business partners to identify best practice and areas for improvement in resilience, especially agility.
An examination of 100 profit warnings in a 12-month period and the effects on company value.
A short guide explaining why all small businesses should think of insuring themselves against property damage and business interruption as result of a terrorist attack.