The latest Resilience First newsletter is out now. 

Members can read about:


  • What’s causing water shortages in London and what to do:
    • With a prolonged, hot and dry summer, drought and associated water restrictions remain a strong possibility.

  • The latest Terrorism Frequency report from insurer Pool Re:
    • This edition provides a respective on the challenges faced by the business community and the national economy in response to large financial losses.

  • Where the UK stands in the global table of overall readiness for disruption:
    • Cyber risk is one of 12 drivers determining the index’s overall resilience rankings.

  • The probability of ‘black sky’ events affecting critical national infrastructure:

    • This forms part of the National Risk Register, last produced in September 2017.

  • Strategies for harnessing community volunteering spirit in emergencies:

    • This follows a survey of the way civil protection is supported by organised voluntarism in response to civil emergencies.

  • Upcoming events to hear from business leaders on their approaches to resilience.


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