Resilience First is a great new initiative and one sorely needed with increasing disruptions to business. Estee Lauder Companies is pleased to be a firm supporter, and wishes it every success.

Michael Thwaites, Director of Security UK & Ireland, Estee Lauder

I find the Network of great value in helping to keep me informed and connected

Tommy Aitken, Director, International Security and Crisis Management, NBC Universal

We welcome the ambition of the new Resilience First network to improve the resilience and readiness of local and national capabilities; reinforce information sharing and mutual aid systems during major disasters; and continue working to develop an holistic approach to supporting the victims of emergencies.

Nick Newman, Head of Homeland Security Consulting, PA Consulting Group

Resilience First has been and remains at the cutting edge of urban resilience. They consistently engage key stakeholders and thought leaders to great ends. They are vital partners in our global resilience efforts and they should be yours as well. 

Bill Raisch, Director, Global Resilience Network, New York University INTERCEP 

No one person or organisation has all the answers or a monopoly of wisdom. That is why the launch of Resilience First is so timely and welcome: partnerships are the way forward.

John Allan, President, CBI and Chairman, Tesco

In these days of increasing risks and threats from ever-changing technological, commercial and environmental challenges, it is vital to be more adaptable, flexible and agile. Being a part of the Resilience First Initiative allows UK Power Networks the unique opportunity to invest in our communities by working with other organisations to enhance the resilience of our capital city.

Basil Scarsella, CEO, UK Power Networks

London Stansted Airport depends on a close-knit network of staff, partners, suppliers and other organisations to successfully operate. Our commitment to Resilience First recognizes the benefits to all of a collective response to strengthening resilience, and we are pleased to be a founding Champion of this important initiative

Nick Millar, Operations Director - London Stansted Airport

Resilience First focuses on strengthening business community resilience at a local level, which is essential for national and international strategies for risk management and resilience to build on. MMI Engineering are pleased to be a founding champion of this timely and valuable initiative.

Caroline Field, Principal – Resilience Practice, MMI Engineering