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Why should I join?

Connecting with neighbouring businesses, or those that share other traits with yours, is key to finding agile, adaptable and collective solutions to modern shocks and stresses. This is the essence of community resilience and the purpose of Resilience First.

What does Resilience First offer that other membership groups do not?

While other groups focus on either at city-wide strategies or single organisations, Resilience First is unique in looking at resilience from the ground up across a local business community. This can be an airport, a shopping centre or transport hub – all have extensive communities around them which are often overlooked in resilience planning.

I am a small business/sole trader. Can I have a discount on membership?

We are acutely conscious of costs in a tight market. We are happy to discuss membership terms with small organisations, charities and not-for-profit organisations.

Where is your work focused?

Our initial work will be based on urban areas where there is a rich mix of retail, residential, transport and infrastructure. Business Improvement Districts, trading estates or commercial centres will be role models for establishing frameworks and good practices that can be transferred to other similar areas.

Most of my business is in smaller towns. Is Resilience First relevant to me?

Absolutely. Small towns like Cockermouth have endured repeated flooding; Salisbury is slowly recovering from a major chemical incident; Redcar has suffered the effects of industrial decline. These and many other examples require resilient people and resilience plans. By working together, we raise can the entire, collective, standard of readiness and resilience in all communities.