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Operational Resilience Guide on Learnings from the Pandemic - Preparation

Learning from the Pandemic – were we prepared?

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COVID has taught us that we should always be prepared for an unexpected external shock that will disrupt our normal business operations. Resilience First has been working with our members, CIS Security, on our Operational Resilience guide, focusing on Preparation. The full report is now available but let’s look at some of the key messages that we can learn from their experience of the pandemic and what preparation meant to them.
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Planning for Resilient Urban Growth with The Deputy Mayor of Greater Manchester and Mayor of Salford, Paul Dennett

Lunch briefing: 12pm for 12.45pm to 2.00pm, Wednesday, 12 October 2022
The population of Greater Manchester is predicted to grow by 10% over the next 20 years. This equates to 190,000 - 240,000 more people living in the city-region which will require around 179,000 new homes by 2037. Over and above this increase in demand on energy provisions and the city’s infrastructure, this growth is also expected to create up to 100,000 new jobs by 2037.