Q. What is Resilience First?

A. Resilience First is a highly respected business-oriented membership organisation, created by London First and supported by blue-chip Champions and key stakeholders in a cross-section of industry sectors, with a mission to advance resilience best practice across urban business communities on a global scale. In January 2022, Resilience First became a consortium member of Resilience Rising.


Q. What is The Resilience Shift?

A. The Resilience Shift, supported by Lloyd’s Register Foundation and Arup, is also a member of the Resilience Rising consortium. It has built a global community of interest from its roots in providing new collaborations, knowledge, tools, and approaches to ensure a transformative approach to the resilience of critical infrastructure.


Q. What is Resilience Rising? 

A. Launched in January 2022, Resilience Rising is a new global non-profit consortium focused on addressing the challenges that are currently standing in the way of ushering in the big, transformative, and systemic change we need. By breaking down silos and working collaboratively with consortium members and their networks, Resilience Rising will harness capacity to collectively address major societal challenges and secure a more resilient and prosperous future for all.   

At launch, other consortium members include The Resilience Shift, International Coalition for Sustainable Infrastructure (ICSI), and Navigating a Changing Climate (NavClimate).


Q. Why has Resilience First become part of the Resilience Rising consortium? And what are the benefits for Resilience First members?

A. Within the Resilience Rising consortium, Resilience First will spearhead the role of the business community in leading resilience best practice.

Resilience Rising will strengthen Resilience First to significantly enhance its access, reach, remit, and delivery to drive resilience on a global, ambitious scale:

  • augmenting its networks and relationships with internationally recognised organisations
  • growing its programme of engagement
  • unlocking innovative tools and solutions to support a dynamic, impactful and proactive approach to resilience

Q. What is the new governance structure?

 A. Resilience First will continue to be governed by an Advisory Board consisting of our Ambassadors, Champions and key stakeholders.


Q. What are the aims of Resilience First?

A. The organisation’s goals are:

  • To ensure resilience is on the agenda of every organisation
  • To support the shift to transformational change
  • To enshrine resilience in everyday thinking and practice


Q. Who is in the combined network?

A. The global reach of Resilience First includes:

  • Over 600 corporates in the private sector from Resilience First’s network of Associates and 250 Members [see list and www.resiliencefirst.org]
  • Our Resilience Rising consortium networks, comprising The Resilience Shift, the International Coalition for Sustainable Infrastructure (ICSI), and Navigating a Changing Climate (NavClimate).


Q. What sort of work is the combined organisation going to do?

A. Its current work programme focuses on a suite of change drivers:

  • Fostering cross-sectoral integration
  • Guidance, tools and publications for infrastructure resilience
  • Stimulating resilience investments and finance
  • Building education and capacity for next-gen leadership
  • Enhancing private and public sector resilience across communities and cities


Q. What are Resilience First’s plans for 2022?

A. We are already developing joint initiatives including technical projects, and a programme of events and communications. Other activities will be developed in consultation with our community and members during 2022 and will be gradually evolving alongside our existing programmes and services.

Resilience First’s focus this year will be on: Climate Resilience, Digital Resilience, Societal Resilience, and Cities Resilience.

Current and upcoming projects include:

  • Climate Resilience

    To support the shift to transformational change. 

    • Race to Resilience campaign
    • IPCC’s Summary for Urban Policymakers
    • Climate Risk and Adaption Framework and Taxonomy (CRAFT)
  • Recovery from the Pandemic
    • National Preparedness Commission
    • Weekly think-in calls with Board and Champions
  • Leadership
    • ShaRe App
    • Resilience Self-Assessment Tool
    • Creating Emotional Resilience for Major Incidents and Crises in the Workplace
    • Future Proofing – Sustainability for investors
    • Digital Resilience white paper
    • Operational Resilience Guide for Non-Executive Directors, in partnership with Pool
    • Next-gen Leadership – Resilience Programme for young adults with The Prince’s Trust. Lesson Plan
    • Next-gen Leadership – Youth Advisory Counci. Pilot project with WSP and in partnership with Student Energy


Q. What will change?

A. With support from the consortium, Resilience First will seek to collaborate on joint initiatives throughout 2022 that will accelerate the development of a global community of practice to take action on resilience and sustainability best practice.

New sector-led networks will also be created to spearhead resilient and sustainable solutions for those industries.


Q. I am already a member of Resilience First – what will this mean?

A. Existing members will enjoy enhanced benefits, including access to solutions and tools to drive resilience within their respective organisations while connecting with global networks and platforms with combined resilience and sustainability objectives and initiatives. See membership benefits.


Q. I am interested in becoming a member of Resilience First.

A. To find out more about membership and our work to build resilience with the private sector, please contact Beena Chester at bchester@resiliencefirst.co.uk


Q. I am interested in finding out more about Resilience Rising.

A. To learn more about Resilience Rising click here.