Q. Who is The Resilience Shift?

A. The Resilience Shift, supported by Lloyd’s Register Foundation and Arup, has built a global community of interest from its roots in providing new collaborations, knowledge, tools and approaches to ensure a transformative approach to the resilience of critical infrastructure.


Q. Who is Resilience First?

A. Resilience First is a highly respected business-oriented membership organisation, created by London First and supported by blue-chip Champions and key stakeholders in a cross-section of industry sectors, with a mission to advance resilience best practice across urban business communities.


Q. Why join forces now?

A. Both organisations have grown significantly since they were founded, and now are seeking to scale up their impact. Combining is a route to driving resilience best practice at scale globally, in a world facing deep uncertainties and complex interdependencies.


Q. What is the new governance structure?

A. We are keeping our current governance structures and are presently aligning our organisations.  A final integration of our governance will be completed by the end of 2021.


Q. What is the aim of the combined organisation?

A. The organisation’s goals are:

  • To ensure resilience is on the agenda of every organisation
  • To support the shift to transformational change
  • To enshrine resilience in everyday thinking and practice


Q. What are the benefits?

A. Joining Resilience First with The Resilience Shift brings significant benefits to both organisations and their stakeholders, specifically in the following ways, by:

  • Combining expertise, knowledge, skills and tools, to provide stronger and more compelling leadership in the area of resilience.
  • Enabling the convening of multi-stakeholder groups in almost any focus area, and worldwide.
  • Bringing together business expertise with specialist resilience knowledge.
  • Increasing the knowledge base, the channels and the reach of our networks to share combined content.
  • Providing the opportunity for funding partners to support a globally relevant and credible network.
  • Strengthening the combined network – growing appeal and reach by bridging philanthropists and the private sector with engineering and technical audiences.


Q. Who is in the combined network?

A. The global reach of the combined organisation includes:

  • Over 600 corporates in the private sector from Resilience First’s network of Associates and 250 Members [see list and www.resiliencefirst.org]
  • Over 50 firms pledged to support the International Coalition for Sustainable Infrastructure (created by The Resilience Shift) including its six founding organisations [see http://sustainability-coalition.org/]
  • Together with The Resilience Shift founders, Lloyds Register Foundation and Arup, partners and grantees [see list – link], and other organisations in its wider community of interest of over 600 organisations [see www.resilienceshift.org].


Q. What sort of work is the combined organisation going to do?

A. Its current work programme focuses on a suite of change drivers:

  • Fostering cross-sectoral integration
  • Guidance, tools and publications for infrastructure resilience
  • Stimulating resilience investments and finance
  • Building education and capacity for next-gen leadership
  • Enhancing private and public sector resilience across communities and cities


Q. What are the joint plans for 2021?

A. We are already developing joint initiatives including technical projects, and a programme of events and communications. Other activities will be developed in consultation with our community during 2021 and will be gradually evolving alongside our existing programmes and services.

Upcoming spring projects

  • COP 26
    • Decarbonisation and the role of technology in cities, rail, aviation and manufacturing, in partnership with Intel.
    • Resilience4Ports – convening an action-led coalition to take forward a whole system resilience approach to the transformation of the ports system.
  • Recovery from the Pandemic
    • Flexible Working Guide – The Hybrid Office, in partnership with Russell-Cooke.
    • Support for the Coalition for Urban Transitions report for the COP26 Presidency on ‘Seizing the Urban Opportunity’.
  • Leadership
    • Resource Guide on Resilience for Non-Executive Directors, in partnership with Pool Re.
    • Resilient Leadership, part of the Learning from Crisis series, followed the real-time journey of 12 senior leaders over 16 weeks of the Covid crisis, using reflective listening methodology. This approach continues in 2021 working with our community.


Q. What will change?

A. The two organisations will seek to launch joint initiatives throughout 2021 and will accelerate the development a global community of practice to take action on resilience.

New sector-led networks will also be created to spearhead resilient and sustainable solutions for those industries.


Q. I am already a member of Resilience First, what will this mean?

A. Existing members will not have a change in benefits. The combined platform will refine member benefits moving forward and will seek to bring on board new members as joint initiatives come online. See membership benefits.


Q. I am interested in becoming a member.

A. To find out more about membership and our work to build resilience with the private sector, please contact Beena Chester at bchester@resiliencefirst.co.uk


Q. I am interested in finding out more.

A. See more about the current programmes of the two organisations at their websites: