Webinar: 21 October 2020, 9am to 10am

Resilience First, in partnership with the Foundation for Science and Technology, is delighted to present a breakfast briefing on Resilience - educating the next generation.  The focus of this event is to explore the concept of change which employees may have to adopt over the course of their careers to respond to our changing, working environments.

Workers now need to constantly review, adapt and retrain to ensure successful employment.  Non-technical competencies such as resilience (both personal and professional), emotional intelligence, communication, supportive leadership and collaboration are becoming increasingly important skill sets. Tech disruptors are quickly outdating core competencies gained in qualifications that seemed cutting edge at the time. Robotics and AI are not only replacing repetitive tasks but also changing the way we interact and interface with our environment.

New benchmarks on environmental, social and governance will be set, with expectations on companies by employees as well as on staff. Employees will demand greater ethical obligations and sustainable practices. Furthermore, there is a growing need to protecting mental wellbeing. As complex, vulnerable systems stress workers then mental health will become an significant feature for workers and employers with a greater need to prepare and care for longer term.

This morning webinar will consider the factors around how we prepare our young people to be more resilient to the new working environment.


Lord Willetts, former Minister of State for Universities and Science, and Chairman of the Foundation for Science and Technology