Webinar: 9 September, 2-3pm 

The twin threats of terrorism and extremism have become more dispersed and amorphous in recent times. Islamist terror threat remains the largest by a wide margin but is significant that the referrals to the government’s Channel (PREVENT) programme, according to the government latest figures, were around the same for right-wing extremists as Islamist extremists.

The pandemic has exacerbated the current situation. The frustrations of lockdown, the opportunity to spend more time on line and hook up with fellow conspirators, the growing ultra-nationalist dimension, and the hate campaigns around BAME and religious groups, have all added fuel to the fire of both the terrorist and extremist. There is also a penumbra of divergent activity around all extremist and terrorist groups that effectively provides oxygen to the fire and both drives extreme politics and provides a cover to hide behind.

The speakers will offer their assessment of the current state of play in the face of the pandemic and the trends that are emerging around the world which put terrorism and extremism in a new light. The message that preparedness is a competitive advantage for organisations, whether small or large, is one that should encourage action. They will describe what this means for business and how the actions should bleed into wider community resilience under the PROTECT programme.


Professor Brooke Rogers OBE, Professor of Behavioural Science and Security and Deputy Head of Department & Director of Academic Staffing, Department of War Studies, King’s College London


Sir Mark Rowley QPM, former Assistant Commissioner for Special Operations at the Metropolitan Police.

Matt Maer DSO MBE, Director of Security and Resilience, Canary Wharf Management.