21 November 2019

London’s economy depends on the effective management of the road network. Many disruptors, from severe weather conditions to major incidents, can quickly have a significant impact. At the same time, there are many innovations that can facilitate the traffic flow and make the city smarter. Furthermore, clean-air zones, ride-sharing services and bicycle lanes all add to the complexity. Effective planning for these challenges can grow London’s resilience and reputation. At this lunch briefing, two speakers will update members on the latest thinking on ways to strengthen London’s road network and keep London moving.


Gareth Powell, Managing Director, Surface Transport, Transport for London

Ian Jones, Director, Intel Corporation

Maryrose Page, Chief Engineer, Transportation, Atkins


Lawrie Quinn, Programme & Project Director Transportation, Atkins and Board Member, Resilience First


Kindly co-hosted by Atkins and IET