Webinar: 2 July 2020 11am to 12pm

Following the publication of Resilience First’s Guide on Emotional Resilience - Preparing for and responding to crisis, in March 2020, we are delighted to partner with ICAEW and present this webinar discussion on how businesses are dealing with and leading the way in promoting their employees’ well-being, especially during this pandemic.

Covid-19 has rapidly changed the way we work around the world, with high volumes of the workforce currently working from home.  This new normal is presenting significant challenges for all business to consider their approach on emotional resilience, mental health and overall wellbeing for their staff.

Through this session, you will have the chance to benchmark your current efforts and get practical tips on how to further improve, including: 

  • Emotional Resilience requires actions before, during and after an incident, often for a long period after.
  • Why it makes good business sense.
  • It is a (proactive) leadership issue, not just an HR issue.
  • It involves soft and hard skills, with trust and learning being essential ingredients.

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In partnership with ICAEW