Webinar: 25 March 2020, 12.30pm to 1.30pm

Whether a community is in the path of a natural disaster, the target of an act of terror or simply striving to meet the pressures of increasingly dense urban populations, community resilience can help both groups and individuals not just to mitigate damage and heal but also to prosper.

Lessons and experiences from serious incidents can be helpful in exploring how community resilience can serve as a sustainable paradigm for organising public health as well as medical preparedness, response and recovery. The lessons also serve as a vehicle for better public-private co-operation in strengthening wider national resilience.

The NHS and PHE are at the forefront of the UK’s health programme and has experienced major challenges at the national and community level. The new Coronavirus/Covid-19 outbreak is the latest challenge which may get worse before it gets better. Hence, it is timely to hear from a clinician at the front of the UK's response.

This lunchtime webinar briefing will provide a value update on how resilient we believe our communities really are.


John Simpson, Head of the Emergency Response Department & Deputy Director of the Health Protection Directorate, Public Health England

Jean Devlin, Partner, Global Risk Analysis, Control Risks


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