The problem we solve

Mass Communication Platform

The speed at which information is shared on social media about unfolding events has proven to catch organisations out.

Being slow to communicate can put organisations and management on a back-footing.  It is not long after that when press and media companies can catch management out.

Crises-Control provides a platform that is as easy to use as social media Apps but incorporating special features which professionals need to communicate securely at speed.

Our multichannel communications guarantee your alert message will get through to the stakeholders even when authorities shut down social media communications channels.


What we offer

Crises-Control is an award-winning, easy to uses platform which offers professional a complete solution for raising alerts, mass communication and incident management.

  • Incident management platform (Incident Manager) – which creates a virtual command & control framework, distributes Incident Action Plans (IAP) and connects the responders to the incident manager by conference calls and tracks incident progress for faster business recovery.
  • Incident plan and Multimedia asset management platform (Asset Manager) – a secure cloud repository which creates, accesses, stores, manages, continuity/contingency plans and other the vital corporate assets associated with the incident. It manages access, creation, versioning, author/owner, review frequency, review date and audit report for each item stored.

Why do I need it?

The speed at which your people engage, the efficiency of your communications and the support incident managers provide impact directly on the time to recovery and cost of recovery.

Crises-Control supports superior business resilience by providing professionals with a comprehensive tool specifically designed for the ever-changing threat landscape they face. Our solution will significantly improve the speed, efficiency and consistency with which incidents are resolved.


Improvement in time saved to contact the responders share plans and monitor progress.


Improvement in recovery time, returning business to normal much faster


To comply with the GDPR, organisations are required to ensure they put in place robust Business Continuity/Disaster plans to support the
protection of their data. With Crises-Control you can create plans, host plans and supporting assets, run simulations, manage any type of incident, review the data captured and make improvements all on one platform.