Resilience First is proud to announce our new Ambassador, Wood Environment & Infrastructure.

Our Ambassador works with us to advance resilience and sustainable best practice, playing a leading role in the latest corporate resilience thinking and co-creation.

Peter Hall, Wood's Vice President - Global Director for Climate Resilience & ESG, explains:

“With the impact of climate change and need for resiliency ever more visible and COP26 approaching, the race to resilience and action is intensifying across government and industry – our partnership and active role as an advisor to Resilience First will play a critical role in our collective success and engagement with the private sector."

Joint Projects

Together with our partner, The Resilience Shift, Wood launched the Resilience Realized Awards in November 2021 at COP26, championing projects around the world that are at the cutting edge of infrastructure resilience and inspiring transformational change.

Wood Environment & Infrastructure has also joined Resilience First's Advisory Board and is progressing its partnership of the UNFCCC Race to Resilience campaign, of which Resilience First is a leading business network partner, to catalyse a step change in global ambition for climate resilience and accelerate the business action urgently needed to promote the safety, security, and prosperity of citizens across the world. We will co-create a new resilience workstream and facilitate joint-hosted events to drive resiliency action, leveraging Wood expertise across this crucial agenda.

About Wood Environment & Infrastructure


The E&I business is a leading consultant in the environmental and critical infrastructure market, providing community conscious, environmentally resilient and business sustainable solutions.

We are a connected network of 5,800 committed and passionate technical experts in North America, the UK, and resources in Europe, Latin America, and in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Specialists in their fields and with a wealth of practical multi-sector experience, we build and blend teams from this vast breadth of technical expertise to help our clients achieve their ultimate objectives.

The combined ingenuity and expertise of the people in this business bring immense value to our clients who need to design, adapt and operate assets, facilities, and infrastructure that is more productive, efficient, reliable, and responsive to a changing world.

Become an Ambassador

Please email Beena Chester at to find out more about becoming an Ambassador of Resilience First.